You’ll Want to Enjoy These Summer Salads All Season Long

Warm weather calls for refreshing dishes full of the best flavors the season has to offer. And nothing is more refreshing than a salad made of summer produce. Whether you’re a vegetarian, want to start your wellness journey by eating healthier, or simply like to indulge on a good salad, these summer salads take advantage of ingredients like strawberries, cucumbers, and peaches to deliver a punch of flavor.

Not only will these salad recipes leave you feeling satisfied, but the crisp combination of veggies and fruit (yes, fruit) will keep you cool when a heatwave strikes. And they’re easy enough to whip up for a last-minute barbecue.

So next time you are home on a scorching day, whip up one these satisfying, light, and easy summer salad recipes. You can toss them on the grill for extra flavor or simple mix them in a bowl and eat them by the side of the pool.

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