Came home from work to see this little plump chap fly across the road and then under my car after I had parked it. It just sat there and had a little walk around the front garden. I managed to get a couple of snaps and then he flew into the rear garden. It was so tame and I got within a few feet of it. My wife told me it had been about all day and had even landed on the frame of the swing as the kids were playing on it.

The National Bird and a common favourite, the Robin is easily recognised by most people.

The Robin is a plump bird with bright orange-red breast, face, throat and cheeks edged with grey, a white belly and olive-brown upper parts.

The sexes are very similar, if not identical, though some texts suggest that the brown forehead is "V" shaped in females, and "U" shaped in males, though even this is not always apparent. They have a brown bill and legs.

The juvenile Robin has speckled buff-brown upper parts and underparts. They have no red feathers so that adult birds do not attack them in territorial disputes. The speckled feathers are lost in a partial moult when the bird is about two to three months old.
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