Crush Halloween This Year with These 32 Group Costumes

Halloween is the perfect holiday to celebrate with all of your people: kids, furry friends, family and, of course, your tight-knit circle of friends. There’s no better feeling than successfully pulling off group Halloween costumes, especially when you arrive at the party and the compliments start rolling in. But before you can get the part where you’re accepting the trophy for best costume, you and your friends must first choose your Halloween look — and anyone who has tried to coordinate outfits with the whole gang knows how tricky it can be to get everyone to agree on one idea. The best way to get the group in a killer costume is to get a head start on strategizing, and these creative, inexpensive group costume ideas are a great place to begin.

With group Halloween costume ideas ranging from whimsical, like ice cream sundaes and fuzzy dice, to iconic, like the Sanderson sisters and the Disney princesses, it’ll be hard to go wrong with any of these choices. Get the gang together for a festive night out and be the best dressed in the room no matter which getup you choose to slip into this Halloween.

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