Throw an Epic Halloween Party With These 46 Food and Decor Ideas

Planning a Halloween party can be pretty expensive when you combine the costs of Halloween decorations, pumpkins for carving, a delicious party menu, and costumes for the whole family. So why not give your pocket and credit cards a break from spending too much money with these DIY Halloween party ideas? Not only are these Halloween party ideas cheaper than splurging at Party City, but they are super easy to put together.

Hosting a costume party for friends and family? We got you covered. Spending the night in and need some ideas to keep the kids entertained? We thought of that too. These Halloween party ideas can come to fruition with just a few materials that you can find at home or in craft stores. And they include everything from DIY decorations for your home and yummy, easy-to-make recipes to costume ideas, and fun games to keep your guests entertained.

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